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Five Steps To Designing A Successful Landing Page

Designing a successful landing page is a common issue dealt by Digital/Creative Strategists and Marketers. It often leads to a classic left brain right brain dillemma. The right brain slants towards compelling (creative) landing experience which motivates users to move forward (i.e. take action), the left brain asserts detailing a clear value proposition, testing plan, success/operational metrics, and actionable information from historical data to come-up with an optimal design from the get go.

5 Reasons Why Google+ is not winning Market Share

For many of us Google is the starting point on the web. Most of us start out by searching on Google. In many cases, even if we know the brand we resort to searching it on Google (as opposed to directly typing the URL).  We have come to believe it to be an amazing search platform which has not let us down. It's the starting point for many of us and has an enviable search market share. This gives Google+ a superb launching pad. Inspite of this perceived advantage the Social Networking platform is struggling for viability.

Excellence in CLM Analytics : Opportunity Identification

Quantiative analysis and modeling in marketing can be extremely complex and sophisticated. However, in day to day work most analytics managers do-not get involved in this exercise. The ideas that follow in this persuasion in that sense is foundational (a promise of this blog). Assuming data quallity (Garbage In Garbage Out, GIGO) isn't a problem let's dive into one of the several analytical techniques we will address in upcoming persuasions.

The topic of this persuasion is going to be Opportunity Sizing / Opportunity Identification.  

Trends in Digital Marketing and how to capitalize on them

As a Strategist and Marketing evangelist I am asked by my peers and superiors in Product/Marketing alike on what the "next best thing" is going to be. I get questions from other marketers on where and how their organizations should  spend their money so that they can be a first adopter to new trends as opposed to  laggards. These questions are the motivations behind this persuasion.

A Primer on Multivariate Testing

In my last post on testing I received some great feedback from my readers. One such feedback was around "describing" the principles of MVT. The question was "It would be great if you would be able to get into further detail on the principles behind this (MVT) form of testing". This question has become the motivation behind this persuasion. In this post  we will recap  the Why's of testing and experimentation and then jump into the principles of Multivariate Testing and how it impacts business performance.

A practical guide on Testing and Optimization

Testing and Optimization is no longer an exclusive topic in the Web Analytics world.There are some great posts from thought-leaders and I have spent a significant amount of time studying and researching them and their approaches. In my readings I have determined that a good number of posts talk about (or remain limited to) tips and definitions.  There seems to be a lack of proper framework or process around cultivating the testing culture in the enterprise. What are the steps an organization can take to embark on the Testing & Optimization journey?

Marketing problems from the lens of a Digital Marketer

There is a time honoured attitude with Marketing and it goes something like this."Marketing is what you do when your product is no good". It was a famous quote by Edwin Land, CEO of Polaroid. When I hear this as a marketer, I have an insitinctive visceral reaction. It is that of insult. I am not sure if this statement was made at the time Polaroid was loosing it's market share (but that's not the motivation behind this persuasion).

How to create an awesome Digital Strategy?

Consumers  are making decisions differently today than ever before. They have more product choices, there is an expansion of touch points (magazines, radio, television, banner and paid search advertising, etc). There has also been an increasing importance of Word of Mouth (Social Media). Consumers are increasingly better informed. As a result of the sea-change in the information and perception age how should you think about your Digital or Marketing Strategy? What should be the way forward?

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